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Streets of Fighter 3.0

2007-08-13 19:50:46 by Gusc

Streets of Fighter 3.0 is in the exact middle of being completed, BUT, however, i haven't got time to finish it. because of alcohol and that damn World Of Warcraft that I'm playing in my spare time. I'm so sorry for being a lazy jerk, to all of you guys which await the next episode.


You can now check the unfinished version of SOF3 in my site (there's a link under my nickname)
I don't know if I'll end up just making everything from scratch again, so what you see there might not end up in the finished version, but whatever.
Go nuts.


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2008-05-18 14:07:48

OK, Just complete it when you can, ok?!

Gusc responds:

Okey dokey! :D


2009-08-25 22:16:18

i howp its complt in 2009 or 2010,2011